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Orally Fixated

(THE FUN STARTS NOW) The fourth annual Week of Fun comedy festival starts today, showcasing the best of the Seattle comedy scene. The first show of the fest, ORALLY FIXATED, is a storytelling show based around this month’s theme “Rooming with Disaster.” Comics include Rylee Newton, Ross Parsons, and more. I don’t have any roommate stories, since nobody will live with me.
(Comedy Underground, 109 S Washington St, 8pm, all ages, $8) DARTANION LONDON


Bloody Weird

(WE’RE NOT IN ENGLAND) Combine weirdo standups and an honest-to-badass LIVE SLASHER MOVIE made up in front of your eyes by improv supergroup Blood Squad, and what do you get? SOMETHING A BRITISH MAN WOULD LOVE SAYING. Also an extreme run-on sentence.
(Market Theater, 1428 Post Alley, 8:30pm, all ages, $10) DARTANION LONDON

Tickets available here.


Super Mega Art Show

(PREVENT ART ATTACKS) If there’s one criticism most people have of performance art it’s that it’s not pretentious enough. Hanz and Hiemen are here to solve that problem. These two fake foreign artists make more artistic art in a minute than most artists make in a lifetime.

Art is truth. Truth is pain. Pain is funny. Super Mega Art Show.

(Market Theater, 1428 Post Alley, 8:30pm, all ages, $10) DARTANION LONDON

Tickets available here.


Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery

(WEIRD WITHOUT BLOOD) Comic / possible shaman Emmett Montgomery returns with an eclectic variety show, featuring songs, storytelling,  audience participation and more. It’s like having your heart and feet tickled at the same time. Ahamefule Oluo and Drew Barth are just two of the local favorites scheduled tonight.
(Annex Theatre, 1100 E Pike  (206) 728-0933, 7:30 pm, all ages, $10)

Tickets available here.


Celebrity Open Mic

(BIG SHOTS) Tonight we hand the sweaty mic over to your local celebrities. Expect to see Almost Live!’s John Keister, KIRO/NPR’s Luke Burbank,
The Stranger’s
Charles Mudede and more
tell stories, read their diaries, or talk about whatever the hell it was that made them famous. This is always one of the most fun nights of the festival.
(Comedy Underground, 109 S Washington St, 8pm, all ages, $8) DARTANION LONDON

Tickets available here.

Adventure Buddies: Episode V

(ACTION!) Award-winning Seattle comedians and filmmakers Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke return with the next-to-last episode  of the greatest action/comedy/sci-fi TV show ever shown exclusively in a bar. (Catch the earlier episodes at www.funnyordie.com/clarkthevogt) Also on the bill is
live comedy from Paul Merrill (Adventure Buddies), Rylee Newton (Comedy Central) and Airpocalypse (America’s Got Talent).

(Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave NW, 9pm,  21+, $6)

Joketeller’s Union(LAST CHANCE) We close out this year’s presumably memorable Week of Fun at the intimate and candlelit bar-turned-comedy-haunt
The Capitol Club. WITH!  Solomon Georgio (Gay Chocolate Superstar) ALSO! Brett Hamil (“Ham Radio with Brett Hamil” on iTunes) PLUS! Dartanion London (“Social Comedia” on Amazon) AS WELL AS! Brian Boshes (Jewish Wolverine Impersonator) ADDITIONALLY! Ross Parsons (Perennial Weirdo) MOREOVER! Secret Special Guests (Nonthreatening). (Capitol Club, 414 East Pine Street, (206) 325-2149, 8pm, 21+, $5) BRETT HAMIL 


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