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From Week of Fun 2009:

John Keister

John Keister

Narwhal Fight

Peter Bagge, Ross Parsons, Dartanion London, and Narwhals


Maddie from Canary Sing

Charles Mudede

Charles Mudede

Luke Burbank

Luke Burbank

Kevin Richards

Kevin Richards

Larry Mizell

Larry Mizell

Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge

Tommy Savitt

Tommy Savitt

From Week of Fun 2008:

Dartanion London at Central Cinema

Dartanion London

Paul Merrill at Mr. Spot's Chai House

Paul Merrill

Kevin Hyder at Central Cinema

Kevin Hyder

For a slideshow of past shows, go here.

From Week of Fun 2007:

(All photos below by Heather Christianson unless otherwise noted)

Week of Fun: Open Mic @ the Comedy Underground

Dartanion London

Scott Moran

Hari Kondabolu

Quami Wallen

Cienna Madrid from the Stranger

Peter Vollan

Barbara Sehr

John Sanders and Billy Wayne Davis


Shane Ouroda

Sylvia O’Stayformore

Tom Shortliffe, the unpaid intern, and Hari Kondabolu

Jeff Dye


Charles Mudede from the Stranger

Emmett Montgomery


Mr. Mookie

Saba from Blue Scholars

David Schmader from the Stranger


Hosts: Dartanion London and Hari Kondabolu


Week of Fun: MassLine Presents Stand-up Comedy

Khalil from Abyssinian Creole

Saba from Blue Scholars

Ahamefule Oluo

Khalil and Saba

Dartanion London

Dan Moore

Hari Kondabolu



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