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WoF Chuckletown Preview January 21, 2011

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The Week of Fun got several kind words in the new column “Chuckletown, USA“, which I believe is the first regular column to cover comedy in Seattle. I hope it continues because there are more than enough good shows to highlight throughout the year.

Seven straight nights of awesome local comedy


The Week of Fun hath begun, again. January 21, 2011

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The fifth edition of the Week of Fun Comedy Festival got off to a rollicking (rollicking!) start with Orally Fixated, Seattle’s premier storytelling show The evening’s theme? “Rooming with Disaster.” Host Michelle Leigh and eight comedians filled the evening with marvelous stories of roommates from hell, that place you’ve heard about from someone, surely. The audience was treated to tales of exhibitionist roommates, roommates who don’t know when not to have sex on a bunk bed, sick dogs, textbook chronic masturbators, and punk rock veterans who knew when to stop grumbling. They were also treated to the only-in live-comedy spectacle of a tribute dance to a man’s ashes. Sincere apologies for not having a picture of that to post. You had to have been there.

Don’t worry.

There are still six more shows you can catch. Tomorrow is Bloody Weird, with horror-improv superstars Blood Squad and special comedian guests.

The Week of Fun Returns! January 16, 2011

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The Week of Fun is back for the fifth time! Here’s the official poster!

Consolidated Reviews January 29, 2010

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Each show of the festival ended up getting reviewed in the SLOG by The Stranger’s Kyle Regan. Here are a few quotes from the reviews and links to each one:

Sunday’s Celebrity Open Mic:

“John Keister was excellent…”

Monday’s Movie – Cars 3:

“The real gem of the night was the movie Birdemic: Shock and Terror”

Tuesday’s No Nipple Comedy:

“…every single performance was fan-fucking-tastic.”

Wednesday’s Laffhole:

“This was a great event and Seattle should be proud to have such a dedicated group of people willing to do so much for so little in return.”

We’d like to thank Kyle for taking the time to go to every single show and do a writeup of it. Everybody can now recover in what will be known as the Week of Sleep…

Laffhole January 28, 2010

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What better way to close out a festival celebrating the indie rock scene of comedy than to do a show at an indie rock venue? Laffhole at the Chop Suey was all the crazy madness you’ve come to expect, with shaving cream comedy duels, singing southern ladies and standup comedy. Oh, and dragons. Dragons on the ceilings.