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Celeb Open Mic Includes PHYSICAL CONTACT Between Celebs January 25, 2011

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You heard it here first, but now SEE IT:

Luke Burbank (“Too Beautiful To Live”) shares a joke with Charles Mudede (“The Stranger”).

That joke? What’s the difference between an erection and a Camaro?

I don’t have a Camaro.

Also appearing and rocking the stage was John Keister:

And a bonus image from the previous night, Emmett Montgomery in the Afterlife:


Celebrity Open Mic January 25, 2010

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I couldn’t keep up with blogging during all the craziness of the week, so please accept these backdated photos as a mark of the WoF’s historical significance.

Special props go out to local celebrities John Keister, Lindy West, and Ryan Miller. They all KILLED IT and looked to be having nearly as much fun as the audience.

Celebrity Open Mic gets FREAKY! January 28, 2008

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John Keister makes out with Barbara Sehr at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.

Last night’s Celebrity Open Mic was one for the ages. Fantastic comedy? Check. Stupendous celebs? Affirmative. Awkward trans-gender make out sessions? See above.

And what would an open mic be without at least one mind-numbingly bad, soul-killing set by someone who may or may not have been insane and/or mentally retarded? Well, we had it, and it was worse than it sounds. God bless you, Nacho Daddy.

Tonight, the Week of Fun continues at Mainstage Comedy, where Derek Sheen hosts the Hellraisers of Comedy. Tomorrow night the festival moves to the beer-soaked confines of Ballard’s Sunset Tavern for the comedy blitzkrieg known as The Entertainment Show.

The John Report January 29, 2007

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Hey, in case you didn’t hear, local celebrity and ex-Almost Live host John Keister showed up at the Local Ballard Comedy Show on Saturday and did some jokes! Did anyone grab a photo?