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If You Weren’t There, You Don’t Know January 23, 2011

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What do you miss when you miss a Super Mega Art Show performance? It’s hard to describe, but you definitely miss a lot:

Also, the opening comics were AWESOME, and made for a great show all around.

Special thanks to our guest visual artists, and Susan the Screaming Instructor.


Bloodbaths Are Funny! January 22, 2011

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What do Yogi Paliwali, Alex Meyer, Owen Straw, The SheSpot and Blood Squad all have in common? Their names are made up of letters. Also, they descended upon the Market Theater stage to induce laughter at last night’s second installment of Week of Fun! Hilarious host Yogi Paliwal brought menstruation awareness to the audience while stand-up studs Alex Meyer and Owen Straw each shared their definitions of patriotism:  free toilet usage as an inherent right, and hot babes eating buffets. The SheSpot is an award-winning, cancer curing, technologically adept two-woman improv team now accepting donations in the form of large unmarked bills. (One of its members may be writing this. She may also be telling boldfaced lies.) The consistently crafty improv team, Blood Squad, brought to life the epic slasher movie, Shredder: Ubiquitous Death, and with it equal parts education (“of a piece” is not only a folksy colloquialism, but also a phrase frequently used by many a great American author) and suspense, as a small town was taken down by a severed…um, body part. Bet you wish you were there, don’t you?

Don’t fret – you’ll get another chance at amusement tonight as Week of Fun continues back at Market Theater! Throw on your best black turtleneck sweater, those pants your friends refer to as “obscenely tight” and try your hand at art snobbery as you take in some Super Mega Art Show. (Warning: Lots of giggling will occur, so choose your jeans’ level of skinniness accordingly.)

Market Theater. 1428 Post Alley. 8:30pm. $10. All ages.

People’s Kafe Wins Round 2 January 24, 2010

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Not as many photos from this one, since I was onstage so much, but here’s a couple from the amazing Blood Squad:

I think they won a few converts to the ways of horror movie-themed comedy.

The second half was all standup, and all fun. Thanks to Ross Parsons, Nick Zielinski, Dwayne Cullen, and the sweet ass audience!

Last Night’s Improvagasma January 25, 2009

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Live Girls Theater - Sold Out!

This has been a trend for the weekend shows. If you want a good seat for tonight’s Celebrity Open Mic at the Comedy Underground, I’d show up early!

WoF Dartmondo 09

Audiences were treated to standup from Kevin Hyder, Andy Peters, and Toby Brown, and improv from Amanda Williams, Graham Downing, and Dartanion London. Then the standups were invited to do improv, and all hell broke loose…

WoF Blood Squad 09

…which is good, since Blood Squad deals in Hell every day. Last night they premiered their brand new format “I Will Not Be Ignored!”, based on the “Psycho Stalkers” movie genre. They brought the house down to the point I’d expect they’ll have some psycho stalkers of their very own soon.

See ya tonight!

Dart-Mondo Tonight! January 26, 2008

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One year ago this show debuted at The Week of Fun as an experimental concept. It proved so successful it has been running somewhere in the city almost continuously since then.

Tonight’s show is an absolute all-star lineup, with Andy Peters, Emmett Montgomery, and Billy Wayne Davis as the comedians, whose material becomes fodder for the improv of Ian Schempp, Mike Murphy, Amanda Williams, and Dartanion London. It’s going to be as fun as that time Buzz Aldrin punched a guy who didn’t believe he went to the moon.