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Celebrities! January 26, 2009

Posted by Dartanion in Comedy.

Last night was a rollicking* good time with tons of local celebrities.

Narwhal Fight

War was averted when Pro-Narwhal Ross Parsons and Anti-Narwhal Peter Bagge set aside their differences while being wrapped in a Narwhal burrito.

John Keister

John Keister told the story of an evil gold Lambroghini that was too fast for red light cameras.

Luke Burbank

Luke Burbank thanked the organizers for propping up the walls with a “load-bearing poster”.


Maddie from Canary Sing told us about skeezy recording studio guys… and girls?

Charles Mudede

Charles Mudede told us that Zimbabwean infidelity is common, which doesn’t excuse it, but that also does not imply that one should expect it not to be common, yet we are looking at the issue here from a practical standpoint, not from a judgemental paradigm, but that also shouldn’t imply that we are ignoring the ethical issues involved therein.

(Hearing it with his accent makes him sound even smarter.)

Look in the photos page for even more pictures!


*What the hell does that word mean, anyway? Can you ever have something that’s rollicking WITHOUT it also being a good time?



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