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Celebrity Open Mic gets FREAKY! January 28, 2008

Posted by Paul Merrill in awesomeness, Nachos, No "Keister" Jokes Here.

John Keister makes out with Barbara Sehr at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.

Last night’s Celebrity Open Mic was one for the ages. Fantastic comedy? Check. Stupendous celebs? Affirmative. Awkward trans-gender make out sessions? See above.

And what would an open mic be without at least one mind-numbingly bad, soul-killing set by someone who may or may not have been insane and/or mentally retarded? Well, we had it, and it was worse than it sounds. God bless you, Nacho Daddy.

Tonight, the Week of Fun continues at Mainstage Comedy, where Derek Sheen hosts the Hellraisers of Comedy. Tomorrow night the festival moves to the beer-soaked confines of Ballard’s Sunset Tavern for the comedy blitzkrieg known as The Entertainment Show.



1. Nacho Daddy - January 29, 2008

Your backhand is of the highest echelons of all that pimp.
Im proud of you. But their is something you should know.
You never follow a pimp, you get under him.

Why did the ho cross the road?

To Chicken.

2. Dos Pinche - January 30, 2008

Let drink a drip drop from the tip top to the fathers out there who managed to not get covered in cheese and served at Taco Bell.

3. Nacho Daddy - January 30, 2008

Remember, you never follow a pimp.
You get under him.

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