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Night Three: Time for AWESOME! January 28, 2007

Posted by Paul Merrill in Comedy, Funk, Self Promotion Alert.

Night three of the “Week of Fun” Comedy festival featured Dart and Hari’s “Time for Fun”, a variety show at my new favorite movie/comedy venue, Central Cinema. I can’t believe I’ve never been to this place before — they’re doing a John Waters festival for God’s sake! A great room and a great crowd (another sell-out!). And they gave us free beer — hooray! Needless to say, I will be returning to this fine establishment.

Oh, and there was a comedy show too. That was also awesome. Hari and Dart were like a younger and more alive Burns and Allen. Great films from Hari, David Cope, Black Daisy and PROK. Superb performances from all the comics, but especially Paul Merrill. Keep an eye on that rising star, folks!


Celebrity Open Mic at The Comedy Underground

(ALL AGES!) A very special show paying tribute to our favorite comedy club, the venerable Comedy Underground. The theme of the night will be “Celebrity Open Mic” featuring Charles Mudede, Cienna Madrid and David Schmader from the Stranger, Sylvia Stayformore, and Saba from Blue Scholars. As always, anyone who signs up will get three minutes, but spots are limited, so arrive at the club by 7:30 pm if you want to perform. (Comedy Underground, 222 S Main Street, 8:30, $6)



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